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Lake Wanam Rainbowfish

Glossolepis wanamensis- ©Leo O'Reilly

The Australian and New Guinea Fishes Association – QLD inc (ANGFA QLD) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-commercial organisation. Our objectives are to promote the study, conservation and culture of the native freshwater fish species of Australia and New Guinea, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information.

There is an ANGFA club in most states, as well as a national body that affiliates all the states. You can be a member of as many of these as you like.

Being a member of ANGFA QLD enables you to:

  • Post messages on the ANGFA forum (everyone else can read the forum but not post messages)
  • View the high definition images, and the lat/long of the fishing locations on the ANGFA database
  • Attend ANGFA Conventions at a discounted price.
  • Have access to dozens of fish keepers who can assist you with your catching, keeping, or breeding
  • Attend the bi-monthly Brisbane meetings
  • Buy and sell at our auctions which are at the end of each meeting (non-members can buy but cannot sell items)
  • Attend field trips (club members and their families are covered by insurance)
  • Obtain discounts from some pet shops and suppliers (e.g. Age of Aquariums gives a 10% discount to ANGFA Members and Aquagreen gives a discount on all fish).
  • Receive our fabulous newsletter, In-Stream, which you can download from our club website (this is a major benefit for those who can’t attend meetings).
Spotted Blue-eye

Psuedomugil gertrudae - ©Gunther Schmida

Membership Fees

A$25.00 p.a. if you choose to download the newsletter from the ANGFA QLD website.
If you would like the newsletter posted to you in hardcopy (black and white) there is an additional cost of A$65.00 to Australian addresses, and A$85 to Overseas addresses.

Register online and send payments to:
The Treasurer ANGFA Qld Inc
PO Box 8135

Please make cheques or money orders payable to “ANGFA Qld Inc”.

Direct Debit Details:

Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia
Account Name: ANGFA QLD
BSB: 064-164
Account Number: 0090 4653


Pay via paypal or credit card via the ANGFA National secure site


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