ANGFA Qld – Membership

Lake Wanam Rainbowfish

Glossolepis wanamensis- ©Leo O’Reilly

The Australian and New Guinea Fishes Association – QLD inc (ANGFA QLD) is an independent, not-for-profit, non-commercial organisation. Our objectives are to promote the study, conservation and culture of the native freshwater fish species of Australia and New Guinea, and to provide a forum for the exchange of information.

Being a member of ANGFA QLD enables you to:

  • Post messages on the ANGFA forum (everyone else can read the forum but not post messages)
  • View the high definition images, and the lat/long of the fishing locations on the ANGFA database
  • Attend ANGFA Conventions at a discounted price.
  • Have access to dozens of fish keepers who can assist you with your catching, keeping, or breeding
  • Attend the bi-monthly Brisbane meetings
  • Buy and sell at our auctions which are at the end of each meeting (non-members can buy but cannot sell items)
  • Attend field trips (club members and their families are covered by insurance)
  • Obtain discounts from some pet shops and suppliers (e.g. Age of Aquariums gives a 10% discount to ANGFA Members and Aquagreen gives a discount on all fish).
  • Get access to ANGFA newsletters an publications.
Spotted Blue-eye

Psuedomugil gertrudae – ©Gunther Schmida

Membership Fees

A$45.00 p.a. gives you membership to ANGFA Qld and ANGFA National.

Pay online at: