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In-Stream Magazine 2000: Volume 9

In-Stream 9:01

Number 1 - February 2000

  • Back in the Swing. Adrian Dawson.
  • Moina, an ideal live food for feeding rainbowfish. Adrian Tappin.
  • High-tech pond surveying at Guyra.
  • Out Paddling. Jennifer Palmer.
  • Growth and enrichment of Moina for use in freshwater ornamental fish culture. Clyde S. Tamaru, Lance Pang, Harry Ako, and Lena Asano.
  • Daphnia evolve into pollution eaters.
  • Dormant exotic species lies in wait.
  • Freshwater Shrimps. Adrian Tappin.
  • ANGFA People - Peter Surmon. Bruce Hansen.
  • The dificulty with natives. Darrell Edwards.
  • Lake Wanam management project.
  • Blue-Eyes ain't Blue-Eyes. Doug Collom.
In-Stream 9:02

Number 2 - April 2000

  • Baffling Bureaucracy. Bruce Hansen.
  • A toxin by any other name. Derek Girkin.
  • Fly-Specked Hardyheads. Barry Meiklejohn.
  • Key to species of Craterocephalus. L. E. L. M. Crowley and W. Ivantsoff.
  • Book Review: Aquarium Quarterly - Rainbowfishes. Bruce Hansen.
  • Fishless cycling revisited. Chris Cow.
  • To weed out the Gambusia.
  • Setting up a biotype tank.
  • Dawson River collecting. Doug Collom.
  • Strategy for the control of exotic pest fish. Bruce Hansen.
  • What's in a name. Peter Unmack.
  • Peacock Gudgeons. Bruce Hansen.
In-Stream 9:03

Number 3 - June 2000

  • Elizabeth Springs Natural Heritage Trust Project. Doug Collom.
  • Bag Limits or Bad Limits. Bruce Sambell.
  • Purple-Spotted Gudgeon - Mogurnda spp. Adrian Tappin.
  • Murphy was a founding ANGFA member, report on the field trip to Dianna's Bath. Peter Harris.
  • Confusion in Central Queensland. Peter Unmack.
  • ANGFA People. Adrian Tappin.
  • Trouble at the Crack of Dawn. Peter Ford.
  • AGA International Aquascaping Showcase & Contest. James Purchase.
  • Sexing Mogurnda. Peter Unmack.
  • House of Bacteria. Doug Collom.
  • To heat or not to heat? - THAT is the question. Doug Collom.
  • Dawson River Update. Doug Collom.
  • Book Review: Breathtaking Rainbows. Bruce Hansen.
  • The Bar Jai Club.
  • An ANGFA Meeting - How it all Works.
In-Stream 9:04

Number 4 - August 2000

  • Fish for Auction. Peter Harris.
  • Barossa Outrage - Putrid Water and Rotting Fish. Michael Hammer.
  • Where have all the Rainbows Gone. Theo Kleiberg.
  • Feeding Rainbowfish Fry. Adrian Tappin.
  • Tolerance to elevated copper concentrations. Sharyn Gale.
  • Rainbowfishes on CD.
  • An unusual parasite. Dave Wilson.
  • Healthy Rivers. Doug Collom.
  • Spotted Blue-Eye - Psuedomugil gertrudae. Barry Meiklejohn.
  • Slip Sliding Away.
  • A system for growing aquatic plants. Barry Meiklejohn.
In-Stream 9:05

Number 5 - October 2000

  • Archerfish: The Aquatic Sharpshooter. Adrian Tappin.
  • Product Profile ... Julian Sprung's Sea Veggies.
  • CSIRO Researchers starve toxic algae to nourish rivers. Margot Higgins.
  • Scatophagus multifasciatus.
  • Spring Cleaning. Doug Collom.
  • Your Committee. Doug Collom.
  • Open Garden. Doug Collom.
  • Dry and Rainy Season Periods in the Tank. Kristian Adolfsson.
  • ANGFA (National) Survey Results. Doug Collom.
In-Stream 9:06

Number 6 - December 2000

  • Archerfish: The Aquatic Sharpshooter. Adrian Tappin.
  • First Triassic fossil amphibian found in South Australia.
  • Keeping Brackish Water Gobies. Adrian Tappin.
  • Saratoga.
  • A living fossil from Lawn Hill Creek.
  • Milyeringa veritas Whitley, 1945.
  • Ophisternon candidum (Mees, 1962).
  • Impressions from the 2001 National Convention in Adelaide. Bruce Hansen.
  • The Biology and Cultivation of Red Australian Aldrovanda vesiculosa. Lubomir Adamec.
  • Fish Disease - Skin & Gill Scrapes. Frank Prince-Iles.
  • Habitats ... Lake Illawarra, NSW.