May 072014

By Greg Wallis (pseudechis) at YouTube

This school of Northwest Glassfish (Ambassis sp.) was filmed in a rainforest spring tributary of the Finniss River near Batchelor in the Northern Territory of Australia. Although this species is very common it remains officially undescribed. At one stage it was referred to as Ambassis muelleri which is now a synonym of Ambassis agassizii, a fish found through much of the Murray River system much further south.

For information on Northwest Glassfish see the fact sheet at Aquagreen…

For information on a closely related species the Sailfin Glassfish, Ambassis agrammus see the Fishes of Australia website…

CAAB Taxon Code: 37310008 a closely related species

Filmed with a Gopro Hero HD1 camera with an “eye of mine” housing

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