Nov 132015

After a couple of storm related postponements last Summer Brisbane City Council is giving it another go!

If you missed out last year BCC will open Forest Lake to fishing for one day on Saturday, November 21 so that we can remove some feral fish and spread the message about how much of a threat they are to our waterways and native fish species. There’s been a surprising amount of interest on facebook so we’d certainly appreciate any members who wanted to come along and help out. It’s a unique opportunity for the club to engage with a lot of people we normally wouldn’t get to meet. If you’d like to help with putting some of the gear together give Steve Baines a call on 0448890798.

Attendees will be able to learn how to identify pest fish species and the impact they pose on our native fish and aquatic habitat. During the event, residents will able to fish for Tilapia, other noxious fish such as carp, and feral ornamental fish commonly kept in home aquariums such as goldfish. To take part in the fishing activity, residents and visitors are asked to sign up at the registration marquee near the Stage area at the parklands where they will be directed to one of the designated fishing areas around the lake.

Participants can bring along their own fishing rod and line. Barb-free hooks will be provided to reduce the impact on native bycatch that will be returned to the water and bait will be available on site.

As this is an outdoors event, participants should also bring water, sun smart clothing, hat, sunscreen and enclosed shoes. All children, under the age of 18, must be accompanied by an adult.

Note: Fishing in Forest Lake is normally prohibited, however Council has approval to oversee this one off event to raise awareness about these pest species.

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