May 152014

By Greg Wallis (pseudechis) at YouTube

The Tarpon or Ox-eye Herring (Megalops cyprinoides) is a common fish found in the rivers and coastal areas of northern Australia. It is also found through much of the tropics from east Africa, across the Indian Ocean to South-east Asia. It is also commonly referred to as the Indo-Pacific Tarpon outside of Australian waters.The Tarpon/Oxeye Herring from Australian waters should not be confused with the much larger Atlantic Tarpon (Megalops atlanticus) from the americas. The fish at the end of the video is a Black Catfish (Neosilurus ater).

Although the Oxeye Herring can grow to well over a metre, it is more commonly seen up to around 50 cm. Larger fish are normally found in marine waters.

The tarpon can often be seen flashing and “gulping” air at the waters surface; it can tolerate low oxygen levels in the water due to it’s ability to supplement it’s oxygen supply via air that is gulped into it’s modified swim bladder.

Tarpon are highly regarded as a sportfish because of their fighting ability on light tackle. They are often observed actively feeding on the surface of tropical billabongs in the early morning and late afternoon where they are easily caught on flies and lures although they are regarded as poor eating because of the large number of fine bones.

For more information on Oxeye Herring see the Fishes of Australia website at:…

CAAB Taxon Code: 37054001

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