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In-Stream Magazine 2007: Volume 16

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Number 1 – February 2007

  • Ocean Watch (North Queensland) Tilapia Acoustic Behaviour Project. Doug Collom.
  • Water Starworts (Callitriche spp.) Family: Callitrichaceae.
  • Kimberley Dreamin’. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Fossil Treasures from the Kimberley.
  • Kimberley Waterplants.
  • Recycled Water for Aquarium Use. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Mulgrave River Goby, Glosogobius sp.4.
  • Managing Aquarium Fish Disease (or, I flush them down the toilet too).
  • Amano Shrimp Gets New Name …
  • New Freshwater Shrimp Lives On New Sponge Species
  • Heiko’s Hybrids?
  • Philypnodon macrostomus
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Number 2 – April 2007

  • Pioneer River Queensland. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Aquatic Plant Dispersal.
  • Glossolepis multispuamatus – Where are they now? Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Breeding Rainbowfishes. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Archerfish. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Three New Australian Waterlily Species.
  • Grow Native … Adrian R. Tappin
  • Cyclorana platycephala.
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Number 3 – June 2007

  • Richmond River New South Wales. Leo O’Reilly & Andrew Reid.
  • Meet the Hobbyist – Hristo Hristov. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • An Inspection of the Tully River Catchment for Tilapia Mariae.
  • Traumatic Rectal Perforation by an Eel..
  • Catfish family “Ariidae” Revision.
  • Melanotaenia affinis – New Guinea Rainbowfish.
  • Flash Dance – Oh, What A Feeling!
  • Victoria River Northern Territory.
  • How Long Have Our Turtles Got? Turtles under siege as drought bites. Rosslyn Beeby.
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Number 4 – August 2007

  • Tin Can Bay ANGFA (Qld) Field Trip – 22 April, 2007. Leo O’Reilly.
  • Feeding Rainbowfishes. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Melanotaenia goldei.
  • Fish Surveys South East Queensland.
  • Java Moss.
  • Australian Aquarium Hobby…
  • Aquarium fish ‘threaten biodiversity’. Anna Salleh.
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Number 5 – October 2007

  • Water – Waste Not Want Not. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Pogostemon stellatus Australian Hygrophila.
  • Australian Freshwater Shrimps.
  • Bacopa monnieri.
  • Clarence River Catchment … Where all the reviers run!
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Number 6 – December 2007

  • “When the Rivers Run Dry” An Aquarists and Conservation Perspective!. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Endangered fish causes a stir with farmers. Prue Bentley.
  • Melanotaenia maccullochi General Description and Breeding. Fritz Mayer.
  • Melanotaenia maccullochi McCulloch’s Rainbowfish. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Ella Bay.
  • Aquarist versus Aquarian. Ida M Mellen.
  • Early history of the home Aquarium “The Golden Years”.
  • Vessels for Aquaria. J. S. Hibberd.
  • How to Construct an Aquarium. A. J. Carruthers.