Queensland Aquarium clubs


QFAS (Queensland Federation of Aquarium Societies)

QFAS acts as an umbrella organisation for Queensland fish and aquarium clubs. Each member club is represented by delegates at regular QFAS meetings.

QFAS organizes combined clubs “Super Auctions” where sellers can direct their commissions back to the club of their choice to assist with fundraising.

It also enables members clubs to schedule meetings and events collaboratively to avoid conflicts, as well as providing a unified voice for aquarium hobbyists for issues that affect them.

QFAS - Queensland Federation of Aquarium Societies

QAH (Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists)

Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists meetings include guest speakers talking on a wide range of topics including, how to keep particular species of fish, showing fish, general maintenance, setup of tanks, aquarium husbandry and other fish related topics.

Meetings also consist of a combination of the following: presentations by club members, Fish of Month talks, Spawning’s, Losses and Acquisitions, Slide shows, Videos, hands-on workshops and because the club considers the social part of the club to be very important, plenty of time to just sit and chat.

As enthusiasts with a common passion we can learn from each other’s experiences whether it be optimally maintaining a single tank or breeding that difficult to spawn species.

Members come from all walks of life and meet in a social atmosphere to enhance their own knowledge and have a bit of fun. You never know when you will meet that person that has a key piece of information that can help you.

Every Second month instead of a meeting QAH has workshops, collecting trips or other social outings. QAH also holds other events such as: aquarium & fish shows, camping weekends and auctions.

QAH - Queensland Aquarium Hobbyists

QCG (Queensland Cichlid Group)

The Queensland Cichlid Group is dedicated to the collation and dissemination of knowledge pertaining to the family Cichlidae; the preservation and integrity of each species and the preservation of the natural environment.

Meetings held 1st Friday of the Month (February – December) and 2nd Friday in January.

QCG - Queensland Cichlid Group

Betta Australis

Betta Australis is an Australian community of Betta fanatics based in Brisbane. It is the Australian chapter of the IBC (international Betta Congress) in Australia. The club is open to anyone who loves bettas – the mighty Siamese Fighting Fish.

Whether you are a beginner or advanced hobbyist, love the wild types, fancy strains or the pet bettas, Betta Australis can provide advice and assistance with choosing, keeping, breeding and showing bettas.

The club’s diverse membership includes people of all levels of experience who breed, show, import and/or keep bettas as pets. Members encourage and support each other in all activities involving this fascinating species of fish. The club has members all over Australia, and has established links with many local and international fish and aquarium clubs.

Betta Australis