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In-Stream Magazine 2009: Volume 18

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Number 1 – February 2009

  • Pine Rivers Queensland. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Biological Filtration in the Aquarium.
  • Observation of spawning Saratoga (Scleropages jardinii) in the wild. Bob Kroll.
  • New Feral Fish Population Found. Glynn Aland.
  • Calcium ~ to add, or not to add, that is the question?. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Two-headed fish larvae blamed on farm chemical in Noosa River.
  • Australian Aquarium Hobby.
  • Feng Shui & Fishkeeping.
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Number 2 – April 2009

  • Australian Aquarium Magazine R.I.P. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • .Ripples & Reflections.
  • “A Bundy Good Time! Combined ANGFA Field Trip. Greg Ure
  • Hot Sex … (Temperature Sex Determination). Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Display Tanks and Aquarium Backdrops from Styrofoam. Bruce Hansen.
  • Wollumbinia dorsii – Dorse’s Turtle’. R.W. Wells.
  • Water Plantains (Alisma)
  • A Short Treatise on Drilling holes in Glass or … A Simpletons Guide on how to Drill holes without Killing yourself. Graeme Finsen.
  • Glossogobius bellendenensis – Mulgrave Goby.
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Number 3 – June 2009

  • Meet David and Hilary Ambler … David and Hilary Ambler.
  • Collecting Rainbowfishes. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Severn River Queensland. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • The Colours of the Rainbow. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Colour change and shoal assortment in the Western Rainbowfish. G. Rodgers.
  • The Aquarium Hobby & Fish Disease. Adrian R. Tappin.
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Number 4 – August 2009

  • Report from “Aquatic Weeds Identification Workshop” held in Gympie by Noosa & Districts Landcare group and with representatives from local Waterwatch groups and Biosecurity Queensland (21.05.09). Bruce Eernisse.
  • The Caridina Craze! Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Trithuria submersa.
  • Where Once there was a Mountain “Ok Tedi Revisited”. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Maroochy River Queensland. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Queensland Ornamental Fish Production & Sales – 2007/2008.
  • Water returns to Lake Eyre …
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Number 5 – October 2009

  • August Field Trip. Silvia Krieg
  • North Pine River Field Trip. Kerry Holmes.
  • Coochin Creek. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Lake Manchester / Wivenhoe Dam. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • History of a well-known rainbowfish:Melanotaenia sexlineata. Dirk Godlinski.
  • Myuchelys or Wollumbinia.
  • Horn Expedition 1894.
  • Piscinoodiniosis – Velvet Disease.. Adrian R. Tappin.
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Number 6 – December 2009

  • Coochin Creek and Mellum Creek October 2009. Leo O’Reilly and Silvia Krieg.
  • Melanotaenia ajamaruensis. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Dissolved Humic Substances. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Glossogobius giuris Tank Goby (Flathead Goby).
  • A Planted Tank and Digging Fish? Silvia Krieg.
  • Lack of hippo poo bad for African fish.
  • Mulgrave River Queensland. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Notesthes robusta (Gunther, 1860) Bullrout.
  • Flashback – Collecting Trip 1979.
  • Ripples & Reflections.