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In-Stream Magazine 2010: Volume 19

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Number 1 – January 2010

  • November Field Trip Summary. Silvia Krieg.
  • Bribie Island. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Aquatic Biofilm. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Trichodiniasis. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Gobiomorphis australis (Krefft 1864) Striped Gudgeon.
  • Gobiomorphis coxii (Krefft 1864) Cox’s Gudgeon.
  • Gambusia holbrooki ~ the Eastern Mosquitofish. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Ripples & Reflections.
  • Notopala River Snails Notopala waterhousei (Krefft 1864). Adrian R. Tappin
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Number 2 – February 2010

  • Tinana Creek. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Redlands Fish’n Creeks. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Saving freshwater fish – and human health.
  • Ammonia and the Aquarium. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Zoological Exploration of Netherlands New Guinea . L. D. Brongersma.
  • Freshwater Sponges. Adrian R. Tappin.
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Number 3 – March 2010

  • Yabba Creek. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Heli Fishing the upper Katherine River. Leo O’Reilly, Bruce Hansen, Gary Moores and Dave Wilson.
  • “On a Wing and a Prayer” The dispersal of fish, invertebrates and waterplants.
  • One approach to Cryptocoryne. Mark Stevens.
  • Zoological Exploration of Netherlands New Guinea . L. D. Brongersma.
  • Freshwater Fishes of the Fly River Papua New Guinea. Review by John Cousins.
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Number 4 – April 2010

  • ANGFA Convention 2009. Bruce Hansen.
  • Collecting Coomera … Peter Harris.
  • Postcards from Bribie. Silvia Kreig
  • Variety Slows Fish Learning …
  • Activated Carbon – Revisited. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Morgunda adspersa Southern Purplespotted Gudgeon.
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Number 5 – May 2010

  • Workshop on Invasive Fish Species in the Wet Tropics. Bruce Hansen.
  • A Quick Look at Some Very Special Native Fishes. Bruce Hansen.
  • North Stradbroke Island. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Falling in love with Rainbowfish! Adam King.
  • Fish: a potential source of pathogens for human beings.
  • Pheromones and Their Importance in Aquarium Keeping.
  • The need for speedy sperm …
  • Lake Kubutu – International wetlands body investigates PNG pollution. Calliste Weitenberg.
  • Planting Wetlands and Dams. Review.
  • Potted Water Gardens. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Don’t take the quality of your tap water for granted. Adrian R. Tappin.
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Number 6 – June 2010

  • Where the Staaten River Flows. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Fishing Browns Creeek. Peter Harris.
  • Natural Plant Extracts = Chemical Alternatives? Adrian R. Tappin.
  • The Crane Pacific Expedidition 1928-29.
  • Fishes of the Sleisbeck Mine.
  • Crossing the Great Divide.
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Number 7 – July 2010

  • Australatya striolata (McCulloch and McNeill, 1923) Eastern Freshwater Shrimp; Australian Riffle Shimp. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Mount Bosavi Papua New Guinea. Peter Harris.
  • TALE Field trip to Harvey Creek – 30/8/2009. Keith Martin.
  • Translocation & Mosquito Control. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Roper River Northern Territory. Adrian R. Tappin.
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Number 8 – August 2010

  • Bribie Island Revisited. Adrian & Fran Dawson.
  • Rainbowfishes & Salinity. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Ricciocarpos natans Purple-fringed Riccia.
  • The Mighty Ord River. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Ripples & Reflections.
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Number 9 – September 2010

  • Rediogobius Review.
  • Northbrook Creek… Darren Smith.
  • A Short Treatise on one method of harvesting rainwater or a cheap alternative to filling ponds without investing in rainwater tanks. Graeme Finsen.
  • Water, water everywhere… but will there be a drop to drink? Imelda Cotton.
  • Melanotaenia fasiensis Kadarusman, Sudarto, Paradis and Pouyard, 2010 Fasin Rainbowfish.
  • Australian & New Guinea Freshwater Turtles. Imelda Cotton.
  • Alisma plantago-aquatica.
  • Melanotaenia sp. (Ferny Creek, South Alligator River). Adrian R. Tappin.
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Number 10 – October 2010

  • Along the Bloomfield Track, North Queensland. Keith Martin.
  • Edgbaston Update …
  • Hunting for ichthyological traces: The Sweedish New Guinea Expedition 1948/49. Dirk Godlinski.
  • Where are the fish? Peter Harris.
  • Fishy Things that annoy me and how I fix them!!! Danny Brown.
  • Fishzilla on way to Far North Queensland. Daniel Bateman.
  • Paratya australiensis Kemp, 1917 Australian Paratya; Glass Shrimp.
  • Ripples & Reflections.
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Number 11 – November 2010

  • Dance of the Butterflies. Gunther Schmida.
  • The Fine Art of Aquascaping. S. V. Sanaye & R. M. Tibile.
  • Stress & Aquarium Fishes.
  • Coomalie Creek. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Nutritional Dieases – Hepatic Lipidosis.
  • Ripples & Reflections. Clare Peddie.
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Number 12 – December 2010

  • Stradbroke Island.
  • Ornamental Fish Production – Queensland 2004-2009.
  • On the Banks of the Condamine.
  • Chloramines – The Good & The Bad! Adrian R. Tappin.
  • A Look at Aquarium Mania in 1856.
  • Ripples & Reflections.