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In-Stream Magazine 2013: Volume 22

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Number 1 – January 2013

  • The Cooktown Connection: Surveying the Endeavour and McIvor River Systems 2010. Leo O’Reilly.
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Number 2 – February 2013

  • The Dwarf Rainbowfish (Melanotaenia maccullochi). Gunther Schmida.
  • Buckingham River Northern Territory. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Stress & Aquarium Fishes. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Philypnodon macrostomus Hoese & Reader 2006 Common name: Dwarf Flathead Gudgeon. Adrian R. Tappin.
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Number 3 – March 2013

  • Skeletal Deformities. Adrian Tappin.
  • Neales River South Australia. Adrian Tappin.
  • Chlamydogobius eremius (Zeitz 1896) Common name: Desert Goby. Adrian Tappin.
  • One Hundred Fifty Bridges to Sarmi. Gary Lange.
  • Craterocephalus stramineus (Whitley 1950) Common name: Blackmast. Adrian Tappin.
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Number 4 – April 2013

  • Moyle River Northern Territory. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Melanotaenia nigrans – A Little History. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Potted Water Gardens. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Easy Native Fish. Adrian Dawson.
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Number 5 – May 2013

  • Moa Island Fish Survey. Glynn Aland.
  • King Edward River Western Australia. Adrian R. Tappin.
  • Periphyton (epibiota).
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Number 6 – June 2013

  • ANGFA (Qld) Field Trip – Sunshine Coast. David Roberts.
  • Craterocephalus fulvus Ivanstoff, Crowley & Allen 1987 Common name: Unspecked Hardyhead.
  • Prince Regent River Western Australia. Adrian Tappin.
  • Nannoperca pygmaea, a new species of pygmy perch (Teleostei: Perchthyidae) from Western Australia. David L. Morgan, Stephen J. Beatty & Mark Adams.
  • Fish Predation in Frog Ponds. Adrian Tappin.
  • Lilaeopsis – Swampstalks.
  • Moving Bed Biofilter System. Adrian Tappin.
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Number 7 – July 2013

  • Mimulus Family: Phrymaceae, Common name: Monkey-flower.
  • Coleman River Queensland. Adrian Tappin.
  • Public Aquariums
  • Rivers of Cape York Peninsula.
  • Fish Collecting. Glynn Aland.
  • Mogurnda clivicola Allen and Jenkins 1999, Flinders Ranges Morgunda.
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Number 8 – August 2013

  • Do not take the quality of your tap water for granted. Adrian Tappin.
  • How to measure Chlorinr/Chloramine. Adrian Tappin.
  • Introduction to a Marine Nano Tank. Adrian Dawson.
  • The Mystery Snail Exposed. Adrian Tappin.
  • Archer River, Queensland.
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Number 9 – September 2013

  • Mabiaug Island Fish Survey. Glynn ALand.
  • Hastings River, New South Wales. Adrian Tappin.
  • Camden Haven River.
  • Paramecia. Adrian Tappin.
  • Emydura macquarii, Macquarie Turtle.
  • Selecting a Commercial Fish Food. Adrian Tappin.
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Number 10 – October 2013

  • Ducie River Queensland. Adrian Tappin.
  • Blind Cave Gudgeons.
  • Macrobrachium lar Giant Jungle Prawn.
  • Glossostigma Common name: Mudmat.
  • Sicyopterus lagocephalus (Pallas, 1774) Blue Stream Goby. Adrian Tappin
  • .

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Number 11 – November 2013

  • Report on the 2013 ANGFA Convention. Leo O’Reilly
  • Psuedomugil sp. “Red Neon”. Adrian Tappin
  • Cherax quaricarinatus Reclaw Crayfish.
  • Water Gardens. Adrian Tappin
  • Tilapia invade the Kikori… Arthur Georges
  • .

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Number 12 – December 2013

  • Black River, Queensland. Adrian Tappin
  • Caridinia Typus, Milne Edwards 1837, Typical Caradina.
  • Ambassus agrammus, Gunther 1867, Sailfin Glassfish. Adrian Tappin
  • Brasenia schreberi. Adrian Tappin
  • Craterocephalus marianae, Ivanstoff, Crowley, & Allen 1987, Mariana’s Hardyhead. Adrian Tappin