May 132013
Queensland Lungfish - Neoceratodus forsteri,  ©Gunther Schmida

Queensland Lungfish – Neoceratodus forsteri, ©Gunther Schmida

ANGFA Qld internationally recognised wildlife photographer (and all round nice guy) Gunther Schmida has put up a special offer for all 26 volumes of his inspiring pictorial series currently available at “Nature Shots“. Subscribe to all 26 volumes before June 20, 2013 for only $100 AUD.  You’ll receive access to the 9 completed volumes, then watch the other works unfold as they are completed – with the last release proposed for December, 2014. All volumes are between 100 to 160 e-pages in size, totalling about 4000 pages with over 5000 high quality images.

Gunther has provided breathtaking photos free of charge to clubs, conservation groups, government agencies and others – free of charge, for decades. There’s rarely an issue of In-Stream that’s not illustrated with Gunther’s glorious imagery, and if you haven’t seen Gunther present at an ANGFA meeting or convention then you’ve truly been missing out, but with set you’ll be able to enjoy the very best of his life’s work at your own convenience.

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