Aug 262013

Threatened Fishes of Queensland Colouring BookIn recognition of National Threatened Species Day 2013, ANGFA Qld have produced a colouring in book depicting some of Queensland’s threatened freshwater fish – for free download. With original art from Rose Levanti-Ni​block, photos from Gunther Schmida, and editing by Adrian Tappin the book includes a colouring-in section and a section with some facts and photos about the featured fish that will help teachers and parents provide more information for enquiring minds.

Inside you’ll find Queensland’s:

  • Red-finned Blue-eye (Scaturiginichthys vermeilipinnis);
  • Edgbaston Goby (Chlamydogobius squamigenus);
  • Honey Blue-eye (Pseudomugil mellis);
  • Ornate Rainbowfish (Rhadinocentrus ornatus);
  • Oxleyan Pygmy Perch (Nannoperca oxleyana);
  • Jungle Perch (Kuhlia rupestris); and
  • Lungfish (Neoceratodus forsteri).

Please feel free to pass a link to this page on to teachers, schools and anyone else you think might be interested. ANGFA Qld promotes a better understanding of our native fish and the waterways they live in.

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