Sep 012013

In-Stream 22:09, September 2013

In-Stream September is out now!

In this edition we go fish sampling on Mabiaug Island with seasoned field biologist Glynn Aland who’s found Threadfin Mangrovegobies (Mugilogobius filifer), freshwater crabs (Austrothelphusa sp.) and an unusual form of Pacific Blue-eye (Psuedomugil signifer).

There’s a close up of the Macquarie Turtle (Emydura macquarii).

Our esteemed editor takes us on a river tour in New South Wales where we’ll see the Hastings River and the Camden Haven River. And Adrian will take a special look at some fish foods, from culturing paramecia to selecting a commercial product.

Hopefully enough to tide you over to the convention and our next meeting (which has been postponed to October 18th because of the convention).

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